My Health Journey #1 Severe Iron Deficient Anemia

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Severe Iron Deficient Anemia

As a mother of homeschooling mom of four, energy is a requirement for living.  So what do you do when you have NONE??? I was originally diagnosed with iron deficient anemia when I was in elementary school.  My mother was concerned when my teacher informed her that, while I was very bright and involved, I had developed a habit of falling asleep multiple times during the day.  Even after discovering what was wrong and adding iron rich foods to my diet, I still required at least one long nap each day in order to function.  As I got older I simply learned to manage it. I got married and began having children in my early twenties and was automatically on very high doses of ferrous sulfate (iron).  I took this faithfully throughout my pregnancies because I understood the importance of it for my babies, but when the pregnancies were over, my concern for myself was not as strong.

Over the 13 years since my last child was born I ate food with iron sparingly (I hate beets with a passion, and only like my mother’s/or mother in laws liver and onions, and I love spinach :D). I spent tons of time researching natural things that I could do to improve my health but implemented very little of it, so as a result, I was a walking ball of knowledge with no practical application. In 2009, we were introduced to Vemma as a Nutritional Supplement for some other health related issues that I had been plagued with and I took it faithfully for one year. During that year my overall health and vitality drastically improved! For the first time in my life I was not napping every day (and sometimes twice a day). I was awake and alert in the morning and sleeping well at night.

After a year of improved health, I stopped drinking the liquid supplement on a regular basis and fell back into my old pattern of sporadic ingestion. Within six months my health began to spiral downward at a rate I had not seen before. In August of 2011 my mother was admitted to the hospital where she spent a couple of days. She had two blood transfusions and was given one pint of iron intravenously, after which she felt like a new woman. Her Diagnosis; She presented with less than half of the red blood cells in her body than she should have had and was, in essence, one of the walking dead! At her doctor’s suggestion, the three of us (my sisters and I) needed to be seen by our physicians as this issue can be genetic. Warning bells went off for me immediately.  I knew that both my mother and I were anemic but I had no idea how severe it could become if left untreated. I immediately made an appointment and got the necessary blood work done and waited for the results. When they came back I was not surprised to find that my anemia had worsened over the years, and according to my doctor, she had “seen worse results in dead people”. I was immediately placed on  1000 mg of ferrous sulfate (iron) a day! Not only was I iron deficient, but B12 as well. I had NO iron reserves and all of ‘numbers’ were 75-98% less than they should be. In other words, I was in bad shape!

According to if anemia is severe, symptoms may include:

  • Weakness, fatigue, or lack of stamina.
  • Shortness of breath during exercise.
  • Headache.
  • Trouble concentrating.
  • Irritability.
  • Dizziness.
  • Pale skin.
  • Craving substances that are not food (pica). In particular, a craving for ice can be a sign of iron deficiency anemia.
  • Other signs may include:

     For additional information check out the following link;


I experience most of these symptoms and am sure that the list would have increased with time and failure to address this issue. I began taking the iron and let’s just say it did NOT agree with me.  It never did, which was one of the reasons I had taken it inconsistently. So there I was, back to looking up natural sources of iron that I could ingest (other than beets). As I compiled my list of ingredients I started to wonder why had I felt so good the previous year. And my thoughts turned back to Vemma.

Now let me say that my husband remained committed to taking this every day and had not been sick since he began taking it two years before. So I looked at the ingredients and it began to make sense. In 2 oz of Vemma I had been feeding my body the amount of iron equal to 3 large stalks of broccoli and the amount of B12 equal to what I would get in 62 oz of cheddar cheese! At times I had doubled the Vemma dosage to 4 oz per day instead of 2 oz and boy had I seen the results! But then I quit giving my body the minerals and nutrition that it needed and boy was I feeling the result of that. So, I began drinking Vemma daily…again! And I watched my health turn around. When I don’t take it I am tired and sluggish, but when I do I feel alive and energetic.

 Nutrition is something we need daily, and if we are lacking in minerals or vitamins we cannot expect to take them once and fix everything. I have found something that works and after a lifetime of dealing with iron deficient anemia I am no longer sleeping my life away. Below you will find some information on iron deficient anemia.  if this is something that you suffer with as I have and still do, please feel free to contact me.  Let’s feel better together!

Feeling So Much Better while being Joyfully Submitted,



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