Psalm 139:14

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I have struggled to ‘like’ me for most of my  life, largely because I saw myself through the eyes of others, without realizing that their vision was impaired. I have been called names, had my weaknesses magnified, and told that I am a failure because my life didn’t follow the path set out for me by others.  It took me a long time to begin to weigh whose perspective really mattered to me; The perspective of the One who created me, who handcrafted me, or the perspective of the ones tragically impacted by this sin-filled world we call home.  Then I realized that the impact of sin impacted EVERYTHING…and for the worse.  Our vision, our thoughts, our perspective has been drastically alterred by sin. The world’s perspective of me is temporary, based solely on flesh…on what will pass away.  But God know my heart, and He knows that my heart loves Him and desires to please Him.  God’s perspective of me is eternal, and accurate. He looks at me with the eyes of a father, who loves and sees Himself being remade in me.  That’s the only opinion that really matters. He doesn’t think I’m ugly, and doesn’t care that I am black, or that I am carrying a few extra pounds…only that I am His! And that’s how he sees me…the way I see my children is how God sees me.  While I am aware of their faults and shortcomings, I am overwhelmingly aware of how much I love them and of what life holds for them when they make Christ their Lord…their cornerstone.  Are you His? Then rejoice in Him! Rest in Him! Live to please Him! What HE thinks of you is what really matters!


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