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This post is for other like-minded people/families who have made/are making the choice  not to watch shows that we know in advance are promoting ways of living that do not honor God.  Our rule of thumb is that if we are not watching it with our kids present, then we don’t watch it without them either.  Recently we made the terrible mistake of selecting a movie on Netflix with an R rating which we assumed based on the category was for violence.  90% of the rating was for violence and the other 10% was for something else.  By the time I saw what my kids were seeing at the same time, their eyes and minds had already been exposed before their hands ever rose to cover them…and my husband and I were horrified at what our choice had exposed them to.  It ruined the evening, and after a brief discussion and apologies, we all went to bed.  This caused us to make an even stronger commitment to guarding their eyes as well as our own.  Although we searched our usual sites to try to find info on the movie to no avail, we should have chosen another one and had we, we would have escaped the outcome.  This event served a couple of purposes, one of which was to cause us to put our guards up even further in this area.  We live in a time when sin sells, and as a result it is being sold even in our own homes…to us.  How many times have we been watching a ‘harmless’ show and gotten an eye full of someones something during a commercial? How many times have our husbands been watching sporting events and gotten a gander of exposed cleavage or butt cheeks that were not our own?  How many times have our kids been watching anything and seen or heard things we did not want them to?  So what do we do?  We use parental controls along with a password OTHER than the ones we always use.  We use websites like  to help us find out as many details about what’s in a film or show as possible BEFORE we use it for a family movie night.  And we pray that God would give us wisdom and discernment in the viewing choices we make for our family.  Once those images ar imprinted on their minds we have allowed them to be opened up to temptation in ways many of us have never experienced.  I know that we may look back over our lives and our decisions when it comes to rasing our kids a lot, but I know that I can speak confidently when I say that none of us want to look back with regrets.  We have freedom of choice! WE do not have to watch eerything or almost everything that comes on television! Purposely choose to only watch what wil build up you family and draw you all closer to the Lord.  Websites like and are great places to begin!  Let’s guard our children’s eyes, and while we’re at it, we’ll most likely find that we have placed even larger blinders on our own. 😀


One thought on “Choose Wisely

    scentsableliving said:
    April 12, 2012 at 2:35 am

    I was reminded of this yesterday as the boys were watching Cars 2 on a family channel. The commercial that came on was way too much for a child’s eyes, let alone mine 😦 it was some commercial for a showing of a new upcoming series starring Jennifer Love Hewitt called The Client List. I was appalled for so many reasons. Its a cartoon about cars for KIDS… why on earth would they show scenes of prostitution all dressed up in the name of a housewife/massage therapist. I couldn’t get to the remote fast enough. Its days like this that I understand why some choose not to have t.v.’s in their homes.


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