Moderately Healthy but OVERwhelmingly Good!

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These are the DELICIOUS cupcakes that my girls made a couple of days ago!!! They used a standard cake mix, and simply blended fresh strawberries to the whipped icing, and garnished with slices of strawberries and crushed almonds.  While this did not quite fit into our healthy lifestyle, we definitely enjoyed looking at them as well as eating them.  And I was proud of them for displaying a little creativity with their baking, and for having a great relationship in which they have chosen to resist the urge to follow cultural trends in regards to sibling rivalry, and instead have chosen to cultivate a genuine sisterhood.  In other words, when they’re not mad about something, they hang out together, even though there are 5 years between them.  Rather than focussing on the difference in age, they have found several things they have in common; their nails, their hair…and baking cupcakes!

My girls today...or at least in the more recent past 😀

My girls ages 8 and 3



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