Selena’s Morning Green Smoothie

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Most of you know that my family made the wise decision to supplement our diet with the Vemma Liquid Nutritional Supplement just over two years ago. Well, while we experienced (and are still experiencing) phenomenal results with Vemma, as we were coming into 2012 we started wondering, “If we had such great results with Vemma without changing our diets, what kind of results could we have if we implemented healthier food choices alongside of our use of Vemma”. So that’s exactly what we did! We cleaned out our cupboards and refrigerator/freezer and just went for it! We spent the earlier part of the year educating ourselves through research which included a few documentaries that come highly recommended; among those are 1. Food Matters, 2. Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, and 3. Dying to Have Known. Each of these documentaries had a massive impact on my families food choices, and turned our hearts and minds even further towards our health.  We learned even more about the need that we all have for supplementation.  And not just any supplement.  But a supplement that supplies powerful antioxidants, essential vitamins, and over 65 major trace, and ultra trace plant sourced minerals…all in liquid form.  In other words, our extensive research (it went way beyond these documentaries) simply pointed us back to how essential The use of the Vemma Liquid Nutritional Supplement is to any diet 😀 The wonderful image below has become a regular part of my diet. My morning ritual is a smoothie and my daily 2oz. of Vemma!

We all ingest a breakfast smoothie, but I think mine are the ony ones that are green! This particular one includes;

The Juice of 2 medium carrots

the juice of 1 medium celery stalk

add to

1 med. frozen banana

1 med. orange

1 cup organic Baby Spinach

1 cup Romaine Lettuce

1/4 small cucumber

Blend on high-speed for 1 minute

*if desired add 1-2 ice cubes and blend for 30 seconds

drink and enjoy!

If supplementation is important to you and you aren’t acquainted with Vemma, feel free to click the link below for additional information.  Here’s to your health, and happy smoothie making!


One thought on “Selena’s Morning Green Smoothie

    MMmmmmmmm Green Smoothies. Been eating them for myself for breakfast for a couple years now. I love em, so do my kids

    You can check me out on my blog as well whenever you have a minute. Maybe you will see something you like?



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