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During the early years of our marriage, my husband worked at a bank.  He shared with me that when the bank tellers were being trained to recognize counterfeit money, they had to spend hours and hours studying, not the fake money, but the real one.  The logic behind this was that if you have studied and learned to recognize the truth when you see or hear it, you will not be fooled by the lie when it tries to sway you.  I began to think about this in regards to discipleship and this blog.  I am relatively new to blogging and am still working to develop a voice within Joyfully Submitted.  This morning, as I was reading in Proverbs, I came across these scriptures again and decided to pause here.  When I started Joyfully Submitted, it was with the intent (and still is with this intent) to interact with women of all ages who have struggled or are currently struggling with the whole ‘submission’ thing.  I have been particularly sensitive to this area because I used to be one of ‘those’ women, and at times, if I am not very careful to guard my heart, I will find that I am still one of them.  In my heart and mind I had envisioned myself writing/blogging about the horrid impact of the feminist movement, and the many wars we have to fight in our own hearts to rid it of the poison that’s ben infused into our lives via the media, and the movement.  I planned to confront the lies that we’ve been told a lot with the Truth that we have heard very little.  And I planned to present a gracious, loving, compassionate and straightforward view of my own struggle and journey to this place called ‘Submission’.  But I haven’t done that, at least not the way I imagined. But then I began to think that if I invest all of my time discussing and seeking a better understanding of all of the things that are in opposition to God’s Word, and write about that, we will all be better equipped with the knowledge of the lie, than we are with the knowledge of the truth.  But if we want to be genuinely equipped with the truth and how to defend it against the lies, we must study Truth.  Doesn’t that make sense?  If Christ is Lord of our lives, shouldn’t we study His Word more than we do the words of any other?



Let’s take a look at the topic of submission in marriage in light of this.  Could it be that the reason we struggle with submitting is because we have the world’s definition of it in our minds and hearts and not the Lords definition?  The picture painted by His Word is beautiful, and peaceful, and joyful. But when we come at our marital relationships from the wrong direction or with the wrong viewpoint, we end up with something that isn’t pleasing and is full of contention, dissension and despair. On the contrary, in a Godly marriage, we see hearts genuinely grow closer, and two truly become one over time.  However, in a marriage, even a ‘Christian’ one, that does not have a Christ-centered worldview (I know, how is it then classified as ‘christian’?) of marriage, we see bitterness set in and hearts become cold and distant over time.  What would it look like if we applied more of the Truth to our marriages than we do the lie?  What would our marriages look like if we sought to emulate the character and the heart that Christ has displayed towards us towards our spouses? I know the answer! They would look different than they do now!!!! They wouldn’t look like the relationships we see in the world that lack victory over sin!! They would look like God’s Word says they should…we would look like God’s Word says we should…We would look like OVERCOMERS!!! What about the parenting of our children? What would that look like if we applied more of the Truth of Scripture to that process and to the understanding and methods that we implore on our journey towards Godly parenting? WOW!!! Can you imagine? I can… And this is what I want to blog about…the Truth…and how it applies to ALL aspects of our lives. We can be Joyfully Submitted to our husbands when we are Joyfully Submitted to the Lord.  But how do we do that every day, and in every situation? God’s Word is KEY…and not just reading it, but applying it.  I pray that you enjoy the posts on this blog, but I pray more that you are encouraged and challenged in your relationship with God and others.  Please let me know if this blog has an impact on your life. 🙂 I would love to hear what God is doing in your life…how He’s helping you to become more like Christ. Until next time, enjoy being Joyfully Submitted!





2 thoughts on “Invest In the Truth

    scentsableliving said:
    April 23, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    Beautifully written with vision and purpose! I pray that you will be greatly blessed as you impact the lives of many on God’s Word and on truth. He has blessed you with a genuine gift to reach out and pour forth ♥


      Joyfully Submitted responded:
      April 23, 2012 at 6:41 pm

      Thank you…your support means bunches 😀 I was thinking it was a little scattered and possibly unclear…:D This is why it’s important to have what’s written read by others and not packed away collecting dust because we’re afraid of rejection…your encouragement is GREATLY appreciated!


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