My PJ’s Were Calling

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According to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School, “Most people don’t get enough sleep. We are a society that burns the candle at both ends, a nation where people stay up all night to study, work, or have fun. However, going without adequate sleep carries with it both short- and long-term consequences.In the short-term, a lack of adequate sleep can affect judgment, mood, ability to learn and retain information, and may increase the risk of serious accidents and injury. In the long-term, chronic sleep deprivation may lead to a host of health problems including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even early mortality.”

As we exhausted our weekend running errands and squeezing in a week’s worth of living into 1.5 days, I found myself completely worn out by Sunday afternoon.  Actually, I was ready to call it quits on Saturday afternoon.  I truly heard my pj’s calling me just as I was leaving home to begin keeping scheduled commitments. While my weekend wasn’t any busier than usual, I realized that I had experienced less sleep during the prior week than usual.  And I was feeling it.  Because I know that proper rest is something that is an absolute necessity for our bodies, I was not surprised that I came to regret the lack of it rest.

I remember when I was in high school and college, it was nothing to pull an all-nighter to study or finish a project, or talk on the phone to a friend.  I also remember that there was a time when even the television station went ‘to sleep’.  That is definitely not the case today! It seems that everything is on at all times!! You can watch television, listen to the radio, link up online, text message, skype, tweet….the list goes on and on and on, for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  We don’t rest, and we pass on the lack of care for our bodies in this area, on to our children. It’s not just that we don’t get enough sleep.  We actually don’t know how to just rest!  When we are sleeping, we don’t rest.  Our minds are still going in a million different directions, and when we wake up, we wake up tired…and we start the day all over again.  While we are constantly connected, constantly going, constantly thinking, we are not regularly resting.  I actually remember when the television didn’t broadcast after a certain time. If you fell asleep while watching tv, you were awakened by the sound of ‘snow’ and a fuzzy screen or by the image below and the words ‘PLEASE STAND BY’.

I found myself today thinking that while I don’t believe that God necessarily got tired, I do believe that He was setting an example for us by resting from His work.  As I look at the business of our lives and the world that we live in, and as I thank Him for my pj’s, I am convinced that this is a life lesson we should all follow…that I should follow.  We wear our bodies out so much sooner than we’re supposed to because we simply don’t stop moving.  Get some rest!!! And teach the next generation to do the same. There really is no substitute for it and no greater example to follow! 😀


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