She’s 17 Today!

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Today is my daughter Kayla’s 17th Birthday.  As I sit here with tears in my eyes, I remember very clearly exactly where I was 17 years ago today.  I was in the hospital, just 26 weeks along, with tubes in my arms and a very early baby on her way into the world.  The doctors had done all that they knew to keep her from coming, but even then, she had her own way, her own timing.  She couldn’t be rushed, but she also didn’t appreciate being held back.  During the couple of days I had been a guest of the hospital experiencing pre-term labor, they had attempted to prepare my husband and I for the worst case scenario in the event they were unable to halt my labor.  But Kayla arrived defying the odds from the beginning, and she has amazed me every moment of everyday that God has blessed us to have together.  She is an absolute joy to parent, even in one of her ‘moods’.  She loves God, and is maturing in Him as she learns of Him right before my eyes.  She is compassionate and graceful! She is funny and has her dad’s smile. I appreciate her commitment to modesty in a day where young girls are erroneously taught by the culture that less clothing makes them more attractive. I am so proud to be her mother!  As I looked through tons of pictures tonight, I found myself thanking God for all of the time we’ve had together, especially during the last nine years of homeschooling.  While I am thankful for a lot of things, tonight I am extremely thankful that I made the choice to spend as much time with my children as I have.  Without the decision to home educate, I realize that time would have gone by at the same rate, I simply would have had so much less of it to spend with them.  The poem below was written the summer she turned four.  My niece and nephews were over and my older two were downstairs playing with their cousins.  In the middle of the afternoon I heard Kayla’s little voice coming up through the vent declaring, “I’m seventeen!”, and a faint, sharp pain shot through me at the thought that she was right, and that it would happen long before I wanted it to.  Read the poem, and enjoy the pics, then go and spend as much time with your children as you possibly can! They will truly grow up on fast forward right before your eyes.


“I’m seventeen!”, from the basement I heard you say.

My little four-year old girl, who always wanted to play

and pretend, that you were so much older than you were

I smiled in sadness, for I knew that day would come for sure

When you would be seventeen, ready to go out on your own

I prepared, then, for a conversation, in which you say, “I’m grown!”

“I’m not a baby, I should be able to do lots of things!”

I grew quiet, remembering the first time you tied your shoestrings

It was just a few days ago, but long before you were seventeen.



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