A Modesty Moment…Something to Think About…

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I will be revisiting Proverbs 31 as part of a month-long deliberate focus on Biblical Womanhood, but I wanted to touch on the topic of modesty for a moment…which is still in keeping with my focus 😀   It has been particularly heart breaking to me to see the decline of necklines and the elevation of the hemlines women, young and old, who name the name of Christ and affirm that they are filled with the Spirit of God.  The heartbreak isn’t due to the length or lack thereof, but the hearts that have been so impacted by the negative trends of the surrounding culture, that are oblivious or uncaring of what they are communicating by their dress, or the impact they are having on those around them.  As a mother of four, let me tell you that we have fought and are fighting the cultures pull and impact on our children’s perspectives, as well as our own.  We have walked out of plenty of retail stores empty-handed because nothing suitable could be found for our girls.  That doesn’t mean that there was nothing they liked, or that they thought was OK, but there was nothing suitable for a young woman ‘professing godliness’ (1Timothy 2:10 kjv).  Not only do our daughters have to fight, with our help, the pull of the culture in this particular area, but our sons and husbands must wage war as well.  As parents, and ‘older women’ we must be willing to use our God-given influence to influence hearts and minds towards Christ.  This means we don’t look away and shake our heads in silence, but we pull aside and patiently, graciously instruct and reprove and correct.  We do this, not by sharing our thoughts and opinions, but always by sharing the truths we find in Gods Word.  Understand that the enemy is never after our eyes with his temptation, he is always in a life-ending pursuit of our very souls…our hearts… As we consider this subject, and where our hearts are concerning it, let’s ask ourselves what influence are we having in the lives of those around us?  Are we aiding and abetting our enemy, by silently refusing to yield complete control of our lives and bodies, and thereby our wardrobes, to the Lord? Or are we a source of encouragement, actively involved in strengthening our brothers in Christ and modeling godliness for our daughters, wherever we go. Are we desiring to honor God with our hearts…hearts that are totally committed to the Him…and displaying that desire through our modest and God honoring attire?  This is something I believe wholeheartedly we need to address and be held accountable for throughout the Body of Christ.  What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? Is the issue of modesty a big deal or not so much?

AS we think about these questions, allow the video to speak to your heart, as it did to mine, and let’s make the commitment to honor the Lord in EVERYTHING that we do. ~Selena


2 thoughts on “A Modesty Moment…Something to Think About…

    Tola said:
    June 2, 2012 at 11:49 am

    I agree sooooo much! Modesty IS a big deal! When I first was saved I “came under the wing” of a godly woman who help disciple me and one of the things that she always stressed was the commitment of our whole spirit, soul, AND body to the Lord. Whether in regards to what we put onto it or what we put into it, our bodies seem to be the sphere in which it is hardest to give up control. I am so very happy that she taught me the value of modesty because modern Christianity is not doing such a great job at it (in my personal opinion).

    I was a counselor at a Christian camp this past summer and I got so excited when on day one they pulled all 250 girls aside to teach about the modesty rules for that week. However I left kind of disappointed when they taught us that in order to be modest you had to follow the rule of the “three B’s”… That is boobs, butts, and bellies. Basically, as long as those three areas were covered you were good to go. So all week the 250 girls surrounded by just as many boys walked around in little tank tops that covered their breast area and bellies, and SHORT shorts that just barely covered their butts… And it was okay.

    I can’t speak for everyone or set a standard for everyone but I can set one for ME. And for me, that is not okay. Even at the public high school I attended, tanks tops had to be at least two fingers width wide and shorts or skirts had to extend below the tips of the fingers when arms where fully outstretched by your sides so as not to be a “distraction”.

    I’m both young in years and in my walk with God so I’m not saying that what I think is definitely right and what they think is deinately wrong BUT this is a topic that I desire to know more about. I don’t know… To me it just seems like “boobs, butts, and bellies” is the world’s standard for the most part, ya know? …Wouldn’t we as Christians desire to hold ourselves to a higher standard?


      Joyfully Submitted responded:
      June 2, 2012 at 1:21 pm

      You are absolutely right, and for one so ‘young’ you display more wisdom than a lot of the older women I talk to and observe. The rule of thumb for believers should be ‘whatever Gods Word says is what I will do’. When Paul talked about the liberties we have in Christ, those liberties did not give us the freedom to make our own rules, agree with the worlds rules, or ignore the responsibility we have to one another and to the Lord who died to save us. The standards have been lowered in an effort to make it easy for more to meet them, but God set them where he did for a reason: because the road is deliberately, not accidentally, narrow. I am glad to make your acquaintance. Stay on this narrow road, and know that as you go it does not get broader…it chisels you, remaking you to look like Him…that is our goal in everything ❤


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