The Modesty Myth! What do Guys REALLY Think About Girls Who Dress Immodestly?

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The following is a comment that was submitted on the FB counterpart to this blog in response to a previous modesty post.  While his views were not at all surprising to me, I realized that they may be surprising to a lot of young women today who truly believe that when it comes to attire, less is more. While we find our satisfaction and self-worth in Christ, it is helpful to dispel the many myths about modesty, and what the opposite sex really thinks when we walk by revealing much and concealing little.  The folowing response, as well as the accompanying video communicates clearly what men think, as well as their support for ministries that help address and teach on this issue. ~

“There is little that is worse than being lustfully enticed by images of women’s bodies that God has not given to me (i.e. they are not my wife’s), and the world encourages it. As you said, once the image is imprinted in the mind, it’s there forever. The battle to be satisfied in God rages and the flesh wants to follow its passions.One sad thing for me is how women and young ladies in church dress. There isn’t a single reason in the world that I should ever see cleavage or panties when I am at church, yet it happens regularly. I don’t want to sin against God by lusting after a sister in Christ, or a brother in Christ’s wife! How hard it is to worship God when each one of our hearts isn’t in the right place at church.There is a car commercial on tv lately. It is of a man sleeping in his bed, with his wife (who is barely noticeable), and an elf or gnome comes in sprinkling dust on the man. He starts dreaming of this car and beautiful women in bikinis. Very offensive that they went there.I am thankful for your commitment, Selena, to glorify God. It is so easy to shrug these things off and think we are overreacting and being overly protective of our families, but your passion will hopefully make other women (and men) aware of the power that their submission to God has for the building up of His church. You are teaching your kids godly values and that is inspiring!”  ~ Benjamin Pennington




If this has been an area that you know you have not submitted to the Lord, then I challenge you to seek Him with your WHOLE heart.  He has promised to lead you, with His word being your guide.  I look forward to your feedback.  Agree of disagree, I want to hear from you 😀


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