A Tale of Two Blogs

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While many of you are familiar with this particular blog of mine, I would like to take a moment to introduce you to another blog that I began.  But first, let me tell you how it happened that I have two!

Blog #1 (Joyfully Submitted) began at the very beginning of this year.  A very good friend of mine and I had discussed blogging a little while back, and we both agreed that we would not know where to begin and that it just seemed like one more thing to add to our already overloaded plates. And we were right! But we did it anyway.  😀 We both have a love for sharing information that has blessed us and improved our quality of life with others, so that their life could be positively impacted as well.  So this blog was born.  As I began to search my heart for what to write about, I kept coming back to 2 things, and my muddled brain could not figure out how to adequately merge the two into one blog.  The state of women today, married or single, is a source of anguish for me.  It breaks my heart to see young woman after young woman limiting her life to functioning within the freedom stealing confines of the boundaries set by the feminist movement.  I truly desire to teach and reveal to our culture…my generation and generations to come…the freedom found only in being submitted to Christ and His plans for our lives!!!!!….. This is such an amazing liberty and an adventure beyond belief, and I simply don’t want anyone to miss it.  So I write…and as I began to find my voice in this, again, my heart was slightly divided.  As much as I want to write about the joys of serving my husband and my children, and of helping to develop and cultivate the character of Christ in our lives, there was more to our story.  You see, we  (in the Body of Christ) are learning how to overcome and be victorious over our flesh, our sinful nature, and the pull of the culture, but we are sick and dying young from what the medical community at large recognizes as ‘preventable’ diseases (diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure etc.).  And in my family, we have had more than our share of sickness and death from these things. My very dear Uncle lies in a hospital as I write this, and I will join my family at noon tomorrow when life support is turned off.  So I wrote about one passion regularly, and occasionally about another, but my heart longed to do both.  This blog is growing, I am very glad to say! People are reading it all the way in Russia, and Germany and the Middle East and Austria and Turkey! Who would have thought?  But I wanted to share more…

Blog #2 (Vemma Works) began from the need to see all of the readers discover genuine health! On the “My Health Journey’ page on this blog, you can read about my experiences with Vemma as well as the experiences of my family.  As much as I enjoy discipling through the written word, I must admit that I simply love to teach :D, and I have discovered a passion for teaching on areas dealing with our health and overcoming sickness and disease…everything from the common cold to Chron’s Disease!  With all of the time and heart that I was putting into the JS Blog, do you know what posts received the most hits??? Internationally and nationally??? It was those few posts where I wrote about health issues and how Vemma has been clinically proven to help, and why.  So, for example, if I had 98 visitors to the JS Blog, 70 of them would be for health related posts.  So, while I did not want to focus all of my time on one area, I definitely began to see the need to focus more of my time on the other one :D.  Part of the reason that I struggled with posting Vemma related info on this blog was because Vemma has become a family business for us.  And as excited as I am about the product and the income that’s being generated simply by helping people get healthy, I did not want to ‘sell’ anything on the JS Blog.  While al of these things are interwoven in my life and the life and health of my family, I was concerned that it might not be that way for other readers, and I did not want to create an offense…does that make sense??  So, Blog #2, vemmaworks.wordpress.com,  was born!

While I sincerely hoped that I could have blended the two, I genuinely want to build an audience for both; Spiritual and Physical Health are huge for my family, and I pray that they are. or will become huge for yours as well 😀 There are many who desire to understand the plan of God for women, and how that translates in today’s culture, and I am excited to be a part of that process.  And there are multitudes that desire good health, and are looking for ways to gain it, and I am excited to be able to offer assistance in both arenas!

So, I encourage you to continue reading, liking, and commenting on things shared right here at Joyfully Submitted, and I invite you to follow me and comment and ask questions over at Vemma Works!

I hope to see you over there as well!



One thought on “A Tale of Two Blogs

    scentsableliving said:
    June 13, 2012 at 10:36 pm

    And thus vemmaworks has been born. Congratulations on your second blog and I know that you will reach souls and change lives with this one as well. You go girl, to all the ends of the earth, sharing the good news of the Word of the Lord as well as how we do not have to get sick and die a slow death, there is a choice and freedom in knowing that our God created bodies are designed to thrive, to heal itself, and to live into a ripe old age in health. May you prosper and be blessed as you continue to teach and bless others. 😀


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