He Didn’t Have to Say a Word

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I took an unscheduled break from blogging today (and maybe tomorrow) 😀 My Sweetie silently communicated with me that he wanted a little more of my attention…and I silently responded with submission. As a final thought for the evening, do we respond to the silent signals our husbands give us? Where we may verbally share our needs, a lot of theirs are shared silently…So we hear them but we can choose not to hear…not to honor…not to respect, so that in the name of “I didn’t know you felt that way” we can continue pursuing our own selfish ambitions? His facial expressions, tightened lips, downcast eyes, indifference, coldness…frustration…Oh, he’s communicating alright!!! Listen to what he doesn’t say, and I guarantee you will begin to hear his heart loud and clear…. begin to put his heart before your own…you will be blessed!  Good night ladies…I am going to cuddle with my love ♥


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