Just For Fun Fridays (Homemade whole wheat tortillas)

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2 1/2 cups King Arthur White Whole Wheat Flour, 1 Cup warm water, 1/2 cup Olive Oil, 1 tsp. Salt
My girls in the kitchen working together 😀
We began to mix with the spoon, and then a mixer. This called for a bread mixer, but since we did not have one, we simply used a regular one and it worked fine 😀
Water is added slowly as the dough is mixed
We finished ‘mixing’ with a spoon just to pull it all together and to help remove the bread dough from the mixer thingies 😀
Roll dough out into a loaf roll
Cut loaf down the middle, then cut into 12-16 pieces, then cover with saran/plastic wrap for 15 minutes.
Then roll each ball of dough into a circle or a rectangle depending on the shape you like your bread to be in 😀
Kayla made hers a ‘little’ big, but it was our fist time making these from scratch, and I think she did GREAT!
While Kayla is getting ready to cook hers, Leah is covering hers for the 15 minute time period. Kayla is 17 and Leah is 12 and this recipe is easy enough for tem to do without me
All ready to be placed into a frying pan with 1/8 in. Olive Oil covering the bottom
Yaaaahhhhhhh!!!! Almost done!
We doubled the recipe with each of the girls making their own batch 😀 This yield us 35 Tortilla wraps and we were soooooo excited!!! Well, I was 😛

We made this for the first time 2 weeks ago, and have made them 4 times since.  The most recent was yesterday for dinner.  My family was invited for dinner which consisted of spaghetti casserole, salad, and flat bread.  This was our flat bread with a little bit of garlic powder added prior to being covered.  Dinner, and this bread was a BIG hit, and it has so much more flavor than the tortillas/flatbread from the store.  Kayla mixed this up on Sunday by herself…my mother joined in to help roll out the bread (which was left a little thicker to be used as flatbread, as opposed to tortilla which is thinner), and my oldest son, Isaiah, volunteered to man the tongs and cook the bread. We have a blast anytime we make this bread! And we hope you do too 😀


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