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Is it just me, or do the words found in Proverbs 31 paint an amazing picture of the kind of women, wives, and mothers we all aspire to become?  Reading these verses over and over again has become somewhat of a habit for me.  They are definitively inspiring, as well as encouraging!  We have heard it said that repetition is the best form of learning, and nowhere do I find this more true than in the repeating of the wisdom and information found in Gods Word.  When it comes to topics involving Biblical Womanhood, we can never think that Gods Word is outdated or no longer relevant.  It is even more relevant today than it was when it was written! Back then women understood that God created them to;

  • Be the helpers of men, not the leaders of them (Genesis 2:21-24)
  • Be “fruitful and multiply”… (Genesis 1:28)

Now, as we can see throughout Scripture, and particularly in Proverbs 31, this is not an exhaustive list by any means.  But it is the foundation for the ‘why’ of women as seen in Genesis.  Do we think that men are intrinsically attracted to women just because?  No.  They are attracted to us…to everything about us…because we are the only created entity that was designed and hand-crafted just for them and from them!! And because of this, when we understand why we were created, and for whom, then the relationship between a man and his wife/a woman and her husband becomes a awe-inspiring expression of Christ and His bride.  I don’t know about you, but to me that is a beautiful thing :D.

I don’t think a lot of us ever get to that ‘beautiful thing’ part though.  Our view, a lot of the time, has been shaped by a feminist dominated culture that teaches, consciously and subconsciously, to hate God and the men who are created in his image.  The word submission is literally looked at as a four letter expletive, and marriage has become all about ‘my happiness’ rather than ours.  Like Eve in Genesis 1:16a, our ‘desire is to control our husband’, and if we are not surrounding ourselves with Biblical teaching and influences, we will set out to do just that, and we won’t even be aware of it!!!

The woman that we read about in Proverbs 31 was submitted to her husband in every way, and their lives were blessed by her submission and through it.  All of her endeavors and business dealings (and there were many) flowed out of her desire to ‘help’ her husband and be a blessing to her family. In the article, The Impact of Feminism on the Family, shares:

  •   “As the women’s movement turned fanatical and ugly in the 1960s and 70s the focus began to shift from reform and equal opportunity. The feminist leaders – humorless, militant, pugnacious, and angry with their particular lot in life, launched programs that were anti-God, anti-capitalism, anti-family, anti-birth, anti-heterosexual and fostered a virulent hatred of anything having to do with males. They no longer wanted to equalize the status of women, but instead wanted to irreversibly alienate women from men and vice versa….Home and traditional family values are no longer accepted answers to the questions, “Who am I?” and, “What am I here for?” The preeminent purpose for some women have become their careers, and they decided against the value of home and family.” 

This is what we are up against.  This mindset is the one that permeates our culture, and indoctrinated us and our children.  The feminist movement has been so successful that even men have relinquished their God-given roles and authority as the leaders of the family, and moved behind their wives, or out of the picture completely!  As women who are committed to living God honoring lives, we must understand that honoring our husbands is all part of that.  We must also understand that though this ‘honoring’ is not restricted to the home, it does start there.

The following excerpt is from THE BOOK OF HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT, by Mrs. Isabella Mary Beeton. The book is available as a free Kindle download, as well as at It’s an oldie but a goodie, and it’s filled with wisdom and tons of recipes for foods I have never heard of :D.  While Gods Word is our foundation, you’ll find this book to be a great companion to what we have in Scripture. Enjoy!

“AS WITH THE COMMANDER OF AN ARMY, or the leader of any enterprise, so is it with the mistress of a house. Her spirit will be seen through the whole establishment; and just in proportion as she performs her duties intelligently and thoroughly, so will her domestics follow in her path. Of all those acquirements, which more particularly belong to the feminine character, there are none which take a higher rank, in our estimation, than such as enter into a knowledge of household duties; for on these are perpetually dependent the happiness, comfort, and well-being of a family. In this opinion we are borne out by the author of “The Vicar of Wakefield,” who says: “The modest virgin, the prudent wife, and the careful matron, are much more serviceable in life than petticoated philosophers, blustering heroines, or virago queens. She who makes her husband and her children happy, who reclaims the one from vice and trains up the other to virtue, is a much greater character than ladies described in romances, whose whole occupation is to murder mankind with shafts from their quiver, or their eyes.”

A lost perspective? Yes, but not a dead one.  It is definitely being revived! ❤

We are linking up @ Women Living Well for Link Up Wednesdays!!!
We are linking up @ Women Living Well for Link Up Wednesdays!!!

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