Love’s Memory Book Launch AND Our First GiveAway!!

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I have been excitedly looking forward to this event for a couple of weeks now! The launch of Shannon O’Donnell’s “Love’s Memory:The Scotts of Mountain Ridge Book One”…

Unforgettable, haunting, soul-stirring… Love’s Memory

loves memory

You’re invited to a Party!

And not just any party…a Virtual Book Launch party!

For the next 24-hours were having a virtual party

to celebrate the launch of Shannon O’Donnell’s

new novel, Love’s Memory-The Scott’s of Mountain Ridge Book One and we want you to be there!

When: January 15


Come for the fun!

Come for the free prizes!

Come for the delectable tidbits of wisdom

Check out the free party favors!

Shannon O’Donnell wants to thank her readers

with a fun website and lots of free downloads

Come to

Download party favors like these: clip art, e-books, and blogging tips

Drawings for jewelry, books, ad space, book editing, marketing, and loads of goodies

Free original art suitable for framing

Free quizzes and recipes

Enter a contest to nominate best pet name for her next book, Wren’s Song.

Book drawings by well-known authors’ Amanda Beth, B. J. Robinson, Jeannette Oak, Jurusha Clark and more.

Free e-books …….. And more!

Love’s Memory has been called

“Soul-stirring,”, “An inspiring story”, “Compelling, enthralling”

“Wonderfully suspenseful.”, “A true page turner.”, “Romance with a twist”

This book is a great gift for moms, dads, teens, fiction readers, romance lovers, and inspirational readers.

Browse the party and see all the free party favors at

Come to a virtual book launch party!

AND after checking out “Love’s Memory” be sure to participate in the very first giveway from!




These items are soft, absorbant, INCREDIBLY comfortable and dependable for everyday use (light protection) and incontinence (we know what happend sometimes with the occasional sneeze or cough).  They are so comfortable that even though they are larger than the pantiliners you usaully buy/wear, you literally forget you have one on.  The experience of wearing these is like wearing very comfortable underwear with soft security built in :D!! REALLY!! IT IS!!!! And the best part? These are made just for you by me 😀 The winner of the 7 DAY SUPPLY OF CLOTH PANTILINERS will simply need to specify size (S-M or L-XL) when notified that they have won!!

This is a $49 value ($7 ea) for S-M, and a $63 value ($9) for L-XL.  

Here’s a little more information to get things started. Be sure to come back DAILY to enter and read more information on these wonderful items!!


1. The MONEY you will save! (details coming)

2. The EXTREME COMFORT (plastic vs. cloth)

3. No CHEMICALS or ADDITIVES (ECTREMELY important when thinking about WHERE we use them)

Now, go ahead and enter the 7DAY SUPPLY OF CLOTH PANTILINER GIVEAWAY by clicking the link below, and don’t forget to come back DAILY for the next 6 days and enter again!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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