A few points on Black History; Giving Accurate Historical Perspective Deserving Further Study

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Hey guys! This is Jordan again, son #2. I want to share a few points with you about Black History that will give you a more historically accurate perspective on topics that deserve further study.  I hope you read the information, and choose to go and investigate deeper. A good starting point in http://www.wallbuilders.com.


Most people don’t know that blacks were involved with the founding of America under the Constitution as well as America under the Articles of Confederation, nor do they know about how the end of slavery came about, or that blacks were involved in the Revolutionary War, playing very instrumental roles in victories.

James Armistead
James Armistead

People such as James Armistead, who served as a spy, and in a way a “double agent”, giving accurate information to Marquis de Lafayette (a frenchman fighting for America) and false information to Benedict Arnold, the American trader who was fighting for the British, were crucial to the fight. There was also Peter Salem, who was instrumental in the Battle of Bunker Hill on the Charleston Peninsula across the Boston Harbor.

Peter Salem
Peter Salem

Soon after these times the North West Ordinance was passed in 1787 by the Confederation Congress, which prohibited the territories north west of the Ohio River from coming into the Union as slave states. Because of this, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin came into the Union as free states. The Constitution was ratified the same year and went into effect in 1789. The Constitution was, at one time, considered to be a document in favor of slavery, with many believing that the three-fifths compromise concerned the worth of a slave, but in actuality it was a compromise agreed upon to limit southern states Congressional representation, which would dramatically increase their power in Congress and perpetuate slavery indefinitely. Congress also abolished the slave trade in 1808 taking another step to stop the growth of slavery in America

The Democratic Party was formed in 1792 by Thomas Jefferson, according to the DNC website, and it soon became the majority party. By the 1820’s most of the founding fathers were deceased and the Democratic Party members were making large changes. The party passed the Missouri Compromise that reversed the North West Ordinance allowing slavery in almost half of the federal territories. In 1850 they passed the Fugitive Slave Law, which in actual practice  allowed the kidnapping of free men, runaway slaves, and any black person in sight, and their return or transportation to plantations. In 1854 they passed the Kansas-Nebraska Act which allowed slavery into areas where slavery had been forbidden. As we can see the Democrats were on a path that was increasing the growth and power of slavery.

This was well observed by anti-slavery Democrats, Whigs, Free Soil Advocates, and Emancipationists, so they came together to form the Republican Party. Most people don’t know that the Republican Party was originally started with it’s main goal to prohibit slavery’s expansion, to give black American’s civil rights, and to end slavery all together. And as history shows us the goal they set out to do was accomplished, and in the effort to sustain the long sought and fought for liberty that was being celebrated by black people, it should come as no surprise that many of the first black legislators were apart of the Republican Party. Not only the first black legislators, but almost 100% of black people, in the northern and southern states.

I figure this is needed information not only because it is History and God’s Providence is actively seen in history, but because in recent times there have been attempts to blotch up the history, character, and intentions of the people who we hold responsible for the ultimate downfall of slavery. I will speak in more depth of the actual characters involved in the downfall of slavery in later articles. I also don’t advocate the Republican Party, I advocate justice, and in these times that’s what they stood for. I hope this article has struck some interest of which I hope you will act on and look deeper into these things.

See you soon!


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