A Celebration of Black History Month; 5 Phenomenal Profiles

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Hey Everyone! This is Isaiah, and today (this evening) I will be sharing a brief look at five African-American men who left their marks on history.  Please take the little bit of information I share and look into the lives of these men even deeper.  You will be blessed by what you learn!


Rev. Henry Highland Garnet


Henry Highland Garnet was a leading member of a generation of black people who led the abolition

movement. Born in 1815 and Died In 1882, Was a former slave but now the pastor

of the fifteenth street Presbyterian church in Washington D.C. On February 12, 1865,

Henry Garnett became the first Black man to give a sermon at the capital building.

Its was delivered on Sunday February 12, 1865 just days within the congress’s

adoption of the 13th Amendment banning slavery.


Rev. Richard Allen

rev. allen

Re. Richard Allen was the founder of Americas first black Denomination.

Born a slave on February 14 in 1760 and died March 26, 1831. He was an educator, and the founder of The African Methodist Episcopal Church (A.M.E) In 1816. The first independent black denomination in the U.S.


John Roy Lynch


John Roy Lynch was Born September 10th 1847 and died November 2nd 1939.

He was an American politician, Attorney, writer, military general, husband and father.

He was elected as the first African-American speaker of the Mississippi House of Representatives in 1873. He was among the first generation of African-Americans

Elected to the U.S House of Representatives during the reconstruction period in the U.S after the civil war.


Joseph Hayne Rainey


Born into slavery on June 21st 1832 and died August 1st 1887. His father purchased his freedom in the 1840s, and also purchased the freedom of the rest of his family … He was the first black man to serve in the United States House of Representatives, the second black person to serve in the U.S congress ( U.S senator Hiram Revels was the first), The first African-American to be directly elected to congress, And the black presiding officer of the United States Congress.


Frederick Douglass


Frederick Douglass was born a slave in 1818 and died February 20th 1893.

Between speaking fees, investments and income from presidential appointments, Frederick Douglass was able to mass $300,000 dollars in savings, An equivalence of $25 million dollars today.

He was a writer, and incredible public speaker, and a statesman. After he escaped slavery he became a leader of the abolitionist movement. He proved all slave owners wrong in saying “ slaves did not have the intellectual capacity to act and functions as American Citizens independently”. He was also the first African-American to be appointed to office in four different presidential Administrations.

I hope these profiles have encouraged you to research these great men who impacted the history of black people in America. Talk to you soon!


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