Encouragement From Job

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Before you wear a cross…know what it means

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Why would we wear a cross? What does our identification with this symbol mean? What should it mean? I see this symbol worn on jewelry and permanently adhered as tattoos.  And in a lot of the cases the image bearers display no allegiance or affinity to the One we celebrated today.  For those who have experienced the freedom Christ died to give, the cross is sacred.  Sure, many died by way of Roman crucifixion, but only ONE died for me.  Whenever I see it or think of it, I am reminded of the insurmountable weight of my sin…and of the immeasurable debt I owe Him.  I was a slave to sin, and He gave His life as a ransom for me.  The cross reminds me that on Calvary His life was given freely in exchange for mine.  In my freedom, I surrender to His lordship.  I am free, but I am His servant.  The life he purchased is now His to do with as He chooses.  I owe Him my life. We all do… The cross communicates to the world that I am His. If I am not His…if I have not willingly become his slave…his bondservant,  then my wearing of the cross presents a mockery of  his sacrifice. Before you wear a cross, know what it means…and if you don’t truly identify with Him…at least think about this before you wear it….




Celebrating the Resurrection minus the Easter Bunny!

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As our family prepares to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord on tomorrow, I can’t help but see all of the pics and posts on the various social media sites, as well as all of the marketing fanfare depicting easter bunnies and baskets full of candy.  The sales ads and coupons have been overrun with Easter sales and deals! The stores already have their ‘Easter’ items on clearance or marked down! It deeply saddens me that the world, as well as many who profess faith in Jesus Christ, celebrate his Resurrection by introducing our children to pagan worship practices and symbols.  The more I think about it, the more I want to believe that we simply don’t know what we’re doing.  As a little girl, I looked forward to the celebration of Easter! I loved getting a new dress, and shoes! I loved getting my hair done and going to church feeling a little extra pretty!  And I loved and eggs, going to our families annual Easter Egg hunt, and waking up to a huge basket of candy! But now I know better, and because I do, that awareness impacts my choices and the choices of my household.  Now that we know the history we have chosen to worship Christ alone.  We will not share the glory that belongs to only Him with anyone else… that includes Santa, and the Easter Bunny.  For those who do not know the history of the symbols we associate with ‘Easter’, there is some information below.

While I am saying that we should not celebrate ‘Easter”, I am saying that we should celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Just consider this moving forward; the only symbols that believers in Jesus Christ should embrace during this Holy-day, are the Cross, and the empty grave.  Anything else only serves to take the focus away from Him and the Victory He won for us.  Enjoy your weekend, and   Happy Resurrection Day!

He’s Alive!! Parts 1-8

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