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Simple and Delicious Homemade Butter!

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A I delve deeper and deeper into the joys of serving at home, I continue to discover more and more things that “I have always wanted to do,” but just didn’t know it!!!! One of those things just happened to be making butter!!! Can you believe it??? As I prepare to turn 40 exactly one month from today, I am simply amazed at the transformation of heart The Lord has done in me, and for some reason, making butter for the first time today, as simple as it was, brought a few tears to my eyes…and a sense of satisfaction and contentment to my heart.

The first time that I can recall having a thought or a desire to make butter was 2 years ago when my youngest daughter was reading Little House on The Prairie. When she got to the end of the book, she discovered a recipe for homemade butter and in her excitement, she ran and shared it with me. And the desire was born! But like so many other things that “I have always wanted to do,” I never made the time to do it! Until now, that is. Today was the day! And I have to say, it was worth the wait!

The simple recipe that I actually followed:
1 pint of heavy cream
1/4 tsp salt
Blend in food processor for 10 minutes or until butter separates from liquid
Spoon into dish or bowl with slotted spoon and refrigerate

The recipe below is the recipe that my daughter Leah found in her book. I wanted to share the exact one since she was soooo excited to share it with me and I was soooooo excited to make it!!! The pictures are from today and the simple recipe above, and I hope you enjoy them and decide to try this yourself, if you have not already!

The Little House on the Prairie Butter Recipe

You will need: 1 pint of heavy cream, slotted spoon, quart-size jar with tight lid, tea towel

1. Pour the cream into the jar. Screw on the lid.

2. Shake the jar until the cream thickens and starts to form a ball of butter. This may take a while, so keep shaking!

3. Scoop the butter out of the jar with the slotted spoon, and drain it on a tea towel.

4. Squeeze the butter inside the towel to get e remaining liquid out.

5. Form the butter ball into a pretty shape, put it on a plate, and chill in the refrigerator until you’re ready yo use it.

6. Enjoy!!








Our First GIVEAWAY Day 3 :D Cloth vs. Plastic

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Welcome back for the 3rd day and the 3rd post for our very first GIVEAWAY!!! If this is your first time here, be sure to read the previous 2 posts to get caught up on our 7 DAY SUPPLY OF CLOTH PANTILINERS GIVEAWAY!! There has already been some GREAT information shared and I am about to share some more 😀 Todays post will look into the benefits of cloth vs. the dangers of plastic!! It’s serious!! For many of us we don’t think twice about inserting a tampon inside of our bodies, or laying an absorbent piece of plastic next to our skin for hours upon hours.  The media and advertising companies have done a GREAT job at convincing us that our extreme comfort, and a product’s ability to cause us to forget that we even have a period should be at the top of our lists when choosing products to use during our menstrual cycles…but unlike the commercials that present new prescription drugs that list ALL of the side effects, these companies leave all of the good information out, then they put it in writing on the package that is so small you would need a magnifying glass to read it!!! So, what is it that we are putting into our bodies to minimize our awareness that we even have a cycle??? What makes the dry weave cover to the pads work so well?? These and other pertinent questions are answered below… And when you’re finished reading…and you’re shaking your head at the things you didn’t know (like I was), please DO NOT FORGET to enter the GIVEAWAY today!!! Return and enter EVERY DAY for more chances to win!!! 😀


Environmental Impact

From a common sense perspective, the choice to wash and reuse cloth menstrual pads is a simple one, akin to using stainless steel water bottles, cloth shopping bags or rechargeable batteries in lieu of their single-use counterparts. In doing so, we reduce the gross amount of resources consumed and solid waste generated.

It is estimated that approximately 20 billion pads, tampons and applicators are being sent to North American landfills annually . On an individual level, each of the approximately 73 million menstruating people in North America will throw away 125 to 150kg of disposable menstrual products in their lifetime . Moreover, these products require hundreds of years to biodegrade, particularly if wrapped in the plastic bag commonly provided for this purpose as part of their packaging.

Lunapads last at least 5 years with recommended use and care, as opposed to 3 or 4 hours in the case of disposables. While individual cases vary, we estimate that a single Lunapad replaces approximately 120 disposable pads or tampons.

In addition to the waste issue, one must also consider resources consumed, as well as manufacturing processes. Lunapads are made with a combination of three types of fabric, which admittedly use their own share of resources to produce. Critics may reasonably point to the use of conventionally-grown cotton as an environmental demerit to cloth pads. Further resources (water, detergent and energy) are also required in order to capitalize on their reusable benefit. That said, Lunapads are very small and do not require special laundering treatment, making the amount of water and soap required for their maintenance to be fairly minimal. Lunapads is further on track with our stated goal of switching to 100% organic or sustainable textiles, and currently use 100% certified organic fabrics for over half of our products.

Disposable pads and tampons are made primarily of bleached kraft pulp or viscose rayon, the origin of which is wood cellulose from trees. Imagine, if you will, what kind of processing is required to make solid wood into the fluffy fibers found in disposable pads – in a nutshell, a lengthy series of powerful chemical baths. The rayon and pulp are further processed with a variety of bleaching agents to render them white (although not more absorbent), and then treated with another host of chemicals to enhance absorbency or add scent.

While growing cotton requires water and fertilizer, it is an easily renewable resource compared to trees, and requires relatively minimal processing to be rendered into a final product.

Dioxin is a carcinogenic chemical, listed by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the most toxic of all cancer-linked chemicals. It is banned in most countries, but not the U.S . While the jury is still out on the direct risk to human health posed by dioxin residue in disposable pads and tampons, its danger to the environment via effluent from factories is well-known. In fairness, progress has been made in recent years to address this issue and oxygen-based bleaches are being increasingly adopted. That said, there has also been an increased adoption of use of Super Absorbent Polymers (SAPs) in the pursuit of “ultra thin” pads, and disposable pads continue to be backed in plastic.

Precisely what all these chemicals and substances are and what their gross environmental impact might be is largely unknown, particularly in the long term. Pad and tampon manufacturers are not required to disclose ingredients of all their products (proprietary information) and many are only listed generically (“fragrance” as an example) on the packaging.

While we are not doctors or scientists, we have had the benefit of almost 30 years of collective experience in talking to women about their health and menstrual products, and can attest to the fact that thousands of women are experiencing allergic reactions to disposable pads and tampons, likely due to contact with the aforementioned chemicals and plastics.


Performance vs Disposables

Waste and health considerations aside, how well do Lunapads and other reusable options actually work? This question is tricky to answer since reusable products are made with such vastly different materials from disposables.

In the case of Lunapads, we readily admit that as soft and absorbent as cotton fleece and flannel are, when it comes to managing heavy menstrual flow over several hours, their performance lags behind that of the ultra thin high performance disposable pads. Ironically, disposable products’ superior performance with respect to absorbency is thanks to all the chemicals and plastics we discussed earlier in reference to environmental impact.

Comfort is another important consideration when it comes to assessing the performance of menstrual products, and in this case we can confidently say that our products are vastly superior to disposable products. Lunapads and Lunapanties are made with 100% cotton and 100% organic cotton, soft, natural and breathable materials that are more akin to clothing.

Knowing performance is important issue for most of us, we acknowledge that reusable pads can’t be expected to perform in the same way as disposables. That said, there are in excess of 100,000 people worldwide using Lunapads who would never switch back, so clearly the chore of washing them is worth the bother. Ask yourself if you would happily return to throwing away used bottles and newspapers rather than taking the time to recycle them for a similar perspective. Many also comment on the convenience of being freed from having to repeatedly buy disposable supplies, particularly in unanticipated situations.

With respect to the DivaCup and tampons, the difference is even more marked. Have you ever felt excessively “dried out” by using tampons, especially towards the end of your period? This is because tampons don’t just absorb your menstrual flow, they also absorb your natural vaginal moisture, which can be uncomfortable. The DivaCup is widely celebrated among customers for being more comfortable than tampons, thanks to its non-absorbent functionality that results in reduced dryness.

So, there you have it. Several more reasons have been shared about why these are wonderful choices for all of us to make.  There are additional things available that we will go over before this GIVEAWAY is over, don’t worry :D! But that is all for now.  PLEASE SO NOT FORGET to enter the GIVEAWAY!!! It was created with you in mind! Oh! And Tell A FRIEND 😀

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Why Use Cloth Feminine Products (FIRST GIVEAWAY DAY 2)

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First of all, let me say how SUPER EXCITED I am to be offerring these in our FIRST GIVEAWAY!!  There are Sooooooo many reasons why you would want to use these AMAZING items, and add them to your life that I will not be able to name, but I will name a few.  Before I go any further, be sure to enter the FREE GIVEAWAY for a 7 DAY SUPPLY OF CLOTH PANTILINERS at the end of this post!   Alright…here we go!!

STATISTICAL FACTS via Lunapads.com

Approximately 20 billion pads, tampons and applicators are sent to North American landfills annually.

            On an individual level, each of the approximately 73 million menstruating people in North America will throw away 125 to 150kg or approximately 16,800 disposable pads or tampons in their lifetime.

            Disposable pads and tampons are made primarily of bleached kraft pulp or viscose rayon, the origin of which is wood cellulose from trees. What makes these products perform so effectively is the use of high tech chemicals such as super-absorbent acrylic polymers (SAPs) surfactant-laced gels and leak-proof plastic backings. The long-term health and environmental impact of these ingredients is contentious and largely unknown.

            In 1991, the Landbank Consultancy report reviewed the environmental impact of disposable diapers and concluded that compared to cloth diapers, throwaway diapers used 20 times more raw materials, three times more energy and twice as much water; overall they generated 60 times more waste . Disposable menstrual pads are made from substantially equivalent materials and ingredients as disposable diapers.

         [Cloth Pads} will last well over 5 years with recommended use and care, as opposed to 3 or 4 hours in the case of disposable products. While individual use may vary, we estimate that a single Lunapad replaces 120 disposable pads or tampons.

            The cost of reusable products is significantly less than disposables – you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over time.

            1,000,000 disposable pads and tampons are now being diverted from landfills monthly thanks to [Cloth Pad customers] having made the switch to reusable products, and tens of thousands worldwide are feeling more connected to themselves and at peace with their consumer choices.

Cost Savings Analysis

Reusable menstrual products present an opportunity for real financial savings, as demonstrated by the table below. We have chosen not to include two ancillary costs: utilities and detergent used to clean washable pads and the portion of property taxes used to finance garbage pickup of used disposable products and landfill maintenance.



Price @ Drugstore.com

# Per Pack

Cost Per Pad

Pads per Period

Cost per 5 Years

Always Flexiwing Maxi Pads






Stayfree Maxi Pads with Wings






Seventh Generation Ultra Thin Maxi Pads






Natracare Organic Cotton Maxi Pads






U by Kotex Ultra Thin Maxi Pads






U by Kotex Nite Pads with Wings






Cost per 5 Years: $129.99
Whats Included:
2 Mini Pads
2 Basic Mini Liners, 2 Mini Wing Liners
3 Maxi Pads
2 Maxi Liners, 2 Maxi Wing Liners
2 Long Pads
2 Basic Long Liners, 2 Long Wing Liners


Average Cost of Disposable Pads (5 Years) $330.36
Cost of AVG. CLOTH PAD Deluxe Kit (5 Years) $129.99
Average Savings Using [CLOTH PADS] $200.37

Price @ Drugstore.com

# per Pack

Cost per Tampon

Tampons per Period

Cost per 5 Years

Playtex Regular Tampons






Tampax Pearl Tampons with Applicator






OB Non Applicator Tampons






Seventh Generation Tampons






Instead Cup






U by Kotex Tampons








Unit Cost 

Life (Years)

Cost Per 5 Years

The DivaCup





Average Cost of Disposable Tampons or Cups (5 Years) $332.37
Cost of The DivaCup (5 Years) $87.50
Average Savings Using The DivaCup $244.87

The above charts are used compliments of Lunapads.com, a leading company in the manufacturing of cloth feminine products. As you can see the cost savings is HUGE.  Be sure to read the info and even if you have NEVER heard of these or only slighty considering theses as an option, ENTER THE GIVEAWAY for a chance to win a weeks supply FREE.  Click the link below and come back daily for updates and new information…and to enter again! 😀

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You are blessed among women! Inspired by a conversation with a younger mom this afternoon…

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As she stood in my kitchen with tears streaming down her face, my heart broke for her, and so many others like her, so many others like I used to be.  The tears simply let me know the depth of her internal struggle with who she is, and who she fights daily to become…with how others see her, and how she desperately wants to be seen.  The tears fall because, inside, she believes that at the age of 29 she has already failed miserably at life. She is not a millionaire with a fantabulous career.  She doesn’t live in a mansion, and she has yet to publish her first book.  Over the past 10 years she has begun a lot, and finished very little, and every vehicle they purchase seems to blow-up! And she is not…perfect.  While it pained me to hear her words of self-doubt and disappointment, it gave me great joy and peace to be able to give her words of affirmation and encouragement.  Here is a small portion of what I shared with her…

You are blessed among women. Your children’s eyes don’t judge you…they don’t call you  fat, or ugly, or black, or dumb…They look at you and wonder if there will ever be anyone who loves them like their mama. They will look back and wonder if there will ever be another whose kiss or touch seems to heal all of their hurts, whose hugs make the world seem better. They easily forgive you when you ask, and they accept you the way you are, and no matter how the world around us describes beauty, in your sons eyes you are the most beautiful.  You are the one they bring the raggediest bouquet of weeds to, and it’s your face that they cover with sugary, saliva laden kisses.  It’s your ears that ring and your heart that sings with their laughter. It’s your smile that your husband longs to see after a long day at work.  It’s your voice that soothes his nerves when he’s stressed or frustrated.  It’s your touch that causes the stress to release its hold on him.  Why would we ever care more about the opinions of those outside of our husbands and our children when their love gives us so much joy, so much peace, and so much contentment? Why would you ever look at these children as a burden, a bother, as little people who you can’t wait to get rid of, as interruptions in the pursuit of your dreams, when their innocent eyes look at you only with love? Why would you ever look at your husband with disdain or contempt or disappointment, when they simply need the help you were created to give them? Why would we ever allow ourselves to be defined by those in the secular culture or by those in the mainstream church? Why??? We are the first woman our sons will ever love, and the one all others will be measured by. We are the first woman our daughters will respect, and the standard, good or bad, that they will aspire to match and surpass. We are the women who our husbands have chosen to lay their lives down for, the women they choose everyday to lay down and wake up beside for the rest of their numbered days.   You do not have a career. You do not have a mansion. You do not have a luxury vehicle. You do not have perfectly behaved children, or pipes that don’t burst, or cars that don’t break down. You do not have perfect skin, nor a 26in. waistline.  But you have the best blessings that your Father could give you while living on this Earth…You are blessed to be a wife and a mother, and there is no greater aspiration known to man than to be trusted by God to care for and help His first creation, as well as those who come trough the womb…

You are BLESSED!

While most of this is what I shared, there were a few things added while transcribing. If you are a woman who has made the commitment to be a mom full-time and to devote your heart and energy to serving God by submitting to your husband and helping him, and by parenting, nurturing, caring for your children, know that I am praying for you. As you experience all of the upheavals on this particular journey, know that you are not alone.  I pray that these word blessed you! Let’s continue to encourage each other 😀

Just for fun Fridays! Making Shea Butter Lip Balm for the winter :D

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Seeing that the name of this blog is Joyfully Submitted, I thought it might be a good idea to post some of the joyful things about our life.  My usual posts deal with issues of submission to God and to our husbands.  But my heart with this blog is to paint or draw a picture of what our lives could be if we simply choose to let go of the ideologies of the world, turn a deaf ear to feminism as well as resist all of its temptations, and find our joy…our rest…our peace and purpose and promise, in embracing the life God designed for us with soft, engaging, educating, inspiring, definitively feminine hearts.  Having lived a large part of my life with a feminist heart and mindset, let me tell you that the grass really is greener over here!!! Now, that is not to say that submission and change are easy, or that the things I do, or will share on Fridays are a mandate from God for you to do. They are simply things I am learning to do for fun with my girls…and sometimes with the boys too :D, and things that as women, some of us have believed are beneath us or are menial and unimportant.  Well ladies, my aspirations of power suits and heels have been JOYFULLY exchanged for socks and an apron!!!  And I love my life and want to share that love with you! So from here on out, Fridays are dedicated to FREE, FRILLY, FANTASTIC, FEMININE FUN FUN FUN!!!!

Let me just say that everything we do is not planned, and a lot of what we plan does NOT go according to plan :D! This is our life.  And we embrace it! And I work hard not to be in control of it… Ok! Being really honest…I work hard…to JUST HAVE FUN!!! 😀 I tend to be a lot more serious than Ukali and the kids!!! They definitely get their sense of humor from their father 😀 But over the years I have to say that fun is better, and so much more rewarding than stern and controlling.  So we have a lot more fun, we do a lot more things spontaneously.  Some things, like todays post, are the result of a spontaneous act.  I’ve always wanted to make my own lip balm, and I’ve always wanted to teach the girl to make their own everything, so this morning was one of those unplanned experiences that we loved. Below are the steps in our basic Shea Butter Lip Balm that the boys are happily using as we speak! Enjoy!!! So, enjoy your weekend with your loves, and find something to do that is JUST FOR FUN 😀

The Ingredients are… 100% Shea Butter.  We emptied out existing lip balm tubes due to Ukali having a slight reaction to almost every lip balm.  We wanted 100% natural, so decided to make our own 😀


The Shea butter was melted down in a pot and then the liquid was poured into the tubes.  They were then put into te freezer to set faster and when they came out this is what they looked like inside.


So more Shea Butter was added to fill completely, and they were placed into the freezer again to finish 😀


The freezer worked pretty quickly! These set completely in 10 minutes 😀



This is the finished product 😀 We made 3 additional ones so that everyone in the house has their own!!

This was sooooooo simple, and Leah found several other recipes that we can attempt this weekend…JUST FOR FUN!!!  😀

I am So Excited for the JS Monthly Womens Fellowship!

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I am so excited to host our very first Joyfully Submitted Monthly Fellowship of Women, this Friday evening at my home.  There are several young wives and young single women who will be in attendance.  The one thing we have in common? We have all been negatively impacted by the God and Man hating agenda of the Feminist Movement! These women are clamouring for the freedom that can only be found in submission to Jesus Christ, and it will be my great pleasure to meet with them one night a month to encourage, edify, challenge, and disciple!  Below are a few resources that are particularly near and dear to me.  They have had a great impact on my life, my marriage, my parenting, my development as a Joyfully Submitted woman. These are just some of what we will be looking at over the course of the next year.  I thought they might be a blessing to you as well! 😀 …

How does a wife help her husband be the man Christ wants him to be? How can she inspire him to love her? How can she discover the forgotten joys of being his true helpmeet? Victoria, beloved wife of Geoffrey Botkin and mother of seven, answers those questions and more in this 9-CD audio album from the immensely popular “Evenings with Victoria Botkin” webinar. Listen as Victoria shares biblical wisdom about woman’s great power, sinful tendencies, independence vs. submission, beauty, dress, makeup, respect, rights, hospitality, pitfalls of perfectionism, Hollywood expectations, trials, trust, and cultivating personality. 9-CD album and 200 page companion journal.          Westernconservatory.com

“The Christian community is full of dear ladies discouraged because their husbands lack vision to lead the family with gusto. Often wives cry out, “Help, my husband just doesn’t get it,” or, “I want more children, but my husband says ‘no,’” or even, “My husband is nervous about home schooling.”

In some cases, the men are simply overwhelmed with present responsibilities. In other cases, they lack a biblical framework for household leadership. It certainly does not help when men have poor role models in their own lives, which is the case for a growing majority of husbands.

For more than ten years, Doug and Beall Phillips have spoken with hundreds who share these sentiments. But, too often, wives contribute to the problem through a wrong response. The great news is that the Bible anticipates this crisis of leadership in the home and provides crystal clear direction for wives. Wise women will desire to bless their husband’s vision by embracing the specific affirmative and negative biblical commands given to them for this very purpose. Those who do will become a sanctifying influence on their household, grow in spiritual maturity, and become God’s vehicle for their husband’s spiritual revival.

This message is meant to encourage both wives and husbands with the principles and the practicalities for men and women growing in family vision for the Lord.”  Visionforum.com

Feminine by Design – The Twelve Pillars of Biblical Womanhood, is written for teenage girls, but many adult women could greatly benefit from learning these principlesin order to help them understand biblical femininity. Here, Scott Brown explores some of the major passages of Scripture that explain it. You will find the biblical texts that he used to teach his own daughters as he sought to “bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4). His intention was to fulfill the appeal of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, “Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth. (John 17) 

Scott T. Brown is an elder at Hope Baptist Church in Wake Forest, North Carolina. He is the director of the National Center for Family Integrated Churches. Scott graduated from California State University with a degree in History, and received a M. Div. from Talbot School of Theology. He gives most of his time to pastoral ministry and conferences on biblical church life. He has been married to Deborah for twenty-seven years and they have four children and two grandchildren.

“As a young mother, my home was not . . . running smoothly. If this wonderful book by Kim Brenneman had been available then, I would have snatched it up and slept with it under my pillow. It would have been my manual to keep me moving in the grand adventure of large family logistics.” —From the new foreword by Michelle Duggar (19 Kids and Counting)

Moms have many tasks to tackle and obstacles to overcome: the laundry monster, household clutter and cleaning needs, caring for babies and little ones, menu planning and mealtime routines, town outings, homeschooling, bill paying—and even more!

Like many wives and mothers, author Kim Brenneman didn’t start out with all of the answers. She struggled to figure out: What do I do next? What’s the best way to actually do the many things that need to be done? And how do I get everything accomplished in a 24-hour day and keep my sanity?

In Large Family Logistics, Kim outlines practical solutions she has learned to effectively manage a busy household. This how-to manual is filled with step-by-step procedures, easy-to-understand organizational advice, and a myriad of tips and hints for managing a bustling home with greater efficiency in a way that honors God and builds up family relationships.

Sensible and straightforward, Kim tackles the nitty- gritty, day-to-day challenges moms face and also offers sound counsel on how to plan and accomplish long-term domestic goals. An invaluable home management resource that will equip busy moms to get beyond survival mode and thrive!


“How I would have loved to have had a manual like this when I first started having children! Kim’s eminently practical book offers real solutions to a multitude of the logistical issues of running a household, and these solutions apply whether you have a household of two or twenty!” —Beall Phillips, mother of 8 and author of Verses of Virtue


Problem Solving How-Tos Include:

  • Fit it All in a Day
  • Take Control of Clutter
  • Conquer the Laundry Monster
  • Homeschool a Large Family
  • Manage Your Family’s Expenses
  • Train Older Children to Help Younger Children
  • Achieve Good Physical Health
  • And Much More!    Visionforum.com


This is going to be a great time of fellowship and we know that God will be glorified! Would you pray for us? Pray for peace to prevail as we deal with difficult topics and decide to put our flesh to death once and for all! 😀 Thanks in advance for your prayers…I’ll let you know how it goes 😀