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This Issue of Birth Control

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While I have several new posts waiting to be proofed and shared, this information crossed my path today and moved itself to the top of the list. I have had quite a few conversations with younger wives/moms recently surrounding this exact topic, so I was elated to see some trusted men of God involved in helping the Body of Christ embrace a biblical worldview in the area of birth control.  I am reminded of ALL of the feminist ideologies that were personally embraced by me and my generations counterparts concerning this.  I can recall girls in the 8th grade whose moms put them on the pill to lessen the discomfort of their periods, or to deal with acne, or to prevent pregnancy.  This is a topic where, once again, I believe wholeheartedly that the church has followed the leading of the world and the influence of a pagan culture, as opposed to the leading and influence of the Holy Spirit and Gods inspired Word.

When I was 25 years old, I listened to my physician, and my mother and my mother-in-law, as well as all of the other women in my life at the time, and  I had my tubes tied to prevent further pregnancy.  By that time we had been married 4 years and had 3 children.  Our circle of family and friends were pleasantly surprised when, two months after we said “I do”, we were expecting baby #1 (Kayla).  Then they were a little shocked and found it a little humorous when six months after baby #1 I was expecting baby #2 (Isaiah).  They were not the only ones beginning to struggle. While my heart rejoiced in my babies, I was still held tightly in the clutches of a Christian commitment of the heart that was wrapped tightly in a feminist mindset.  I was not even fighting to break free yet.  When Isaiah was born, Ukali and I agreed that we would not use the birth control pill anymore. I had gotten pregnant with Kayla while switching birth control pills, and I became pregnant with Isaiah while believing that I was immune to pregnancy while nursing :D. After Isaiah was born, and we turned away from the pill, there were still other options used. In our minds though, we could not justify the use of birth control in any form, so we said no to all forms of it and trusted the Lord.  I prayed to God that he would simply allow me two years between births before he blessed us with another baby.  And that’s exactly what He did.  Isaiah turned 2 and Jordan was born 2 weeks later.  And then I had my tubes tied!!! It was actually strongly encouraged and scheduled DURING my pregnancy!!!  It was what everyone around me said I should do. And my heart has been filled with regret since I left the hospital that day.  You see, I knew immediately AFTER that I had made a mistake.  Difficult pregnancies or not…poor, young couple or not…at the moment when I realized that I had consented to something that was irreversible, and that I could never have another child again, I was devastated…and a part of me has been since that day. I was only 25 years old. My heart breaks even now as I look back and remember that I took counsel from everyone except the Lord.  I never asked Him what He wanted from me, or how many children did He intended for me to have.  I knew from Scripture that God is the one who opens and shuts the womb (Sarah/Hannah), but I had not been taught to trust Him to do that for me.  I had been taught to WORRY (kids are so expensive/you guys only have one income, how are you going to pay for everything/your pregnancies are so difficult, you want to consider your life too…you guys are worse than rabbits!…you do know how that KEEPS happening don’t you?, if you stop now you can get your figure back and not put the weight back on again…), and I had been taught to take matters into my own hands, because after all, the Lord might do something I did not agree to or sign up for…”You don’t want to end up with 100 kids do you?”, “God has given us all wisdom, and it is just wise to stop having babies when you don’t have a lot of money.”…So, I fell for the feminist agenda, and listened to, not only the women, but the men who has inhaled its smoke and were under its influence, and I made a decision that I could not undo.  You see, we had been taught that the pill and condoms etc were birth control, not a vasectomy or a tubal ligation.  That was just you choosing not to have anyMORE, not stopping you from having ANY.  But birth CONTROL in any from is still us taking CONTROL  😦  Do we, as believers, have the right to determine when ‘we’re finished’ having children, or are we to trust in the providence of God? As a poor, young couple, our trust was in ourselves even though our butts were in a pew EVERY Sunday and Wednesday.  Do we trust God with some things, but feel we have to dictate the rest? Have we made Him Lord over most instead of Lord over ALL.  These are touchy subjects, but Truth is Truth.  We have believed so many of the enemies lies, and the intent of ‘birth CONTROL’ is yet another one.  Do we trust the Lord to provide our needs whether we ave 2 or 20 children? Our ‘opinions’ must be held to the light of Gods word and our worldview shaped and sharpened by His Sword. Please watch this trailer, and support this movie.  It will challenge you…your worldview.  If you have never confronted this issue, it will make you uncomfortable…but it will also impact you and win more of your heart back to the Lord, if you let it.


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We are linking up @ Women Living Well for Link Up Wednesdays!!!