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Perspective Post Feminism (Poem of Gratitude)

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I am a wife

I am married to an amazing man

Who loves me

Selflessly, unconditionally, undeniably

I am blessed among women

To have been created for, and chosen by him


I am a mother

There are many who call me Mom

Some, born of my body

Some, eternally grafted to my heart

I am blessed among women to have been trusted by God

To leave His fingerprint branded in the threads of their lives


I am my father’s daughter

I witnessed the strength of God in his commitment

To provide for and protect our family

He did his best,  he stayed…breaking generational cycles

14 years after he passed on

It remains a blessing to have loved and been loved by him



I am my mother’s child

I see more and more of her in the mirror every day

No matter what I do I seem to hear and see

More of her in me as time goes by

Her smile, her laugh, her facial expressions…

Her dreams, her grief all passed on to me

The older I get, the more I appreciate an value this woman.

The more things I understand  


I am a woman who loves the Lord

The greatest joys in my life are wrapped in my obedience to Him

In my relationship to Him, in my response to his grace towards me

Adopted by him, but his before time began

His will is what my heart cries out for

It is his presence that my very soul adores

It is only Him the I live and breath for


I am a wife, I am a mother

I am a daughter

I am a woman who loves the Lord

What more do I need to become, prove, or do

It’s over! I’m free! I will never sacrifice any one of these

Just to win the approval of you?